This turns out to be a day packed with excitement. The new release of the ARM compilers is here, which gets mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for ARM to version 5.0.0. Along with the update, we have the MSP432 toolchain release – clicker and clicker 2 for MSP432, as well as the mikroProg™ for MSP432.

This particular release is about adding support for Texas Instrument’s ARM® Cortex-M4® SimpleLink™ MSP432 MCUs.

You can get the updated version by clicking on the “Download” button on the compiler product page.

MSP432 clicker and clicker 2

Clicker and clicker 2 for MSP432 are compact development boards, here to make your life easier. Both carry the MSP432P401R MCU from Texas Instruments, 256KB of Flash Main Memory, 64KB of SRAM.

Like all the previous clickers, each board has a battery connector, a power switch and pinouts lining the board for additional electronics.

If adding click boards™ is not enough for your project, you can always add mikromedia shields to the clicker 2 for MSP432.

mikroProg™ for MSP432

We come full circle with the mikroProg™ – debug these newly supported chips in style.

You can always rely on our help while you’re developing, we offer free product lifetime technical support.

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