We must say that the new release v1.80 of PIC32 compilers is the ultimate release. We have done so much, we can write a book about it.

Let us tell you only the summary, and you should visit our new totally new webpages of the compilers, and read more about what else is new.

mikroICD as a separate DLL is implemented in it’s full glory. Fast and smart debugging with new LV-32MX v6 development board is going to swipe you off your feet.

DSP Libraries including FFT, FIR, IIR, Matrices, Vectors, Q15 and Q31 enable you to build your own oscilloscope, equalizers, filters and much much more. We have included some great examples and a demonstration video that shows how you can build your low-freq and high-freq filters.

All graphic display libraries, including TFT and GLCD, have been enriched by additional functions, so you can now display images from extrenal resources, such as MMC/SD cards, Serial Flash Memories, Compact Flash memories and other. You’ll be able to create some truly fantastic applications.

New USB dongle licensing option allows you to bring your compiler with you wherever you go.

Some compiler bugs has been fixed and IDE has been enriched by new Project Explorer window, so you’ll be able to quickly access your examples

There’s much more to say, but you should really download your favorite PIC32 compiler and start exploring the newly added features yourself!

Yours sincerely,

New PIC32 compilers v1.80 have arrived
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