We are happy to announce the new release of mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for PIC32 compilers. New version 2.00 brings us exciting new features.

New PIC32 compilers 2.00 released!

Our main focus of this release is introducing as much new libraries as possible. We worked hard to introduce new TFT_16bit library, and supported 9 new TFT displays! This will allow you to comfortably expand your current projects and use any of the total 10 supported TFTs in range from small to really big ones.

We have also much improved our FAT16 library. It now supports all those operations you requested. Manipulate with folders and files on your MMC/SD card easier than ever before.

HID Bootloader is now an official part of the Tools section. We have also included source code for the bootloader and provided more examples.

Thanks to additional efforts of our developers, compilation time is now much shorter and we have managed to nearly double the compilation speed. This is very important in large and complex projects.

Upon your requests, we added new features: we added progress bar while uninstalling user packages, added option to reload project file which has been externally changed, and implemented the feature that breakpoints can now be saved to and loaded from project file.

Libstock community website is now a step closer to developers. We have introduced Libstock icon in the Library manager, so you are now just a click away from dozens of community projects and libraries, as well as official mikroElektronika Libraries, such as the new Ethernet Library with TCP/IP stack support, and FAT32 library.

We invite you to visit the webpage of your favorite mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal compiler, download the new version, and see what else is new.

Yours sincerely,

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