We are happy to announce that mikroC, mikoBasic and mikroPascal PRO for PIC compilers v5.30 have been released!

PIC compilers v5.30 released!

We had several reports that new MMC FAT16 library was performing slowly on slower microcontrollers, and that it takes too much flash. Since we have put a lot of work already in making the library comprehensive and rich with new features, we wanted to take it step further and do the necessary corrections so you can use it just as easily as the MMC FAT16 legacy library.

We worked intensively for two weeks and we are proud to present you with a library that is now much much faster and can fit into smaller microcontrollers too.

Speed of reading functions have been increased dramatically, and writing functions have been slightly sped up too. Working with multiple files is now optimized for best performance. We have also reduced the footprint of the entire library, so it can fit in less memory then before.

We invite you to download your favorite PIC compiler, and start using the new library today.

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