New PIC 4.80 beta compilers are released! This is a very important release, because there are numerous enhancements and new features. We have introduced ICD as a separate DLL module, and enhanced ICD code drastically. No more long waitings when you hit Step-over [F8], Step-into[F7] or Step-out[Ctrl+F8]. We have supported 37 new microcontrollers, and introduced Project Explorer, a great new window for easier access to the examples and your projects. We have also upgraded our collection of libraries by adding Memory manager library, so you’ll be able to use dynamic memory allocation in your PIC projects. With your help, we have tracked down and fixed some issues that caused crashing of IDE, so you’ll have a more stable environment to work in. We have increased the speed of reading MCL files even more, so your compiler will load and compile more quickly.

Click here to read the full report of what is new and to download your favorite PIC compiler.

dsPIC/PIC24 4.80 beta compilers released!
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