We opened a review section on our forums… so you can review your favorite MikroE goodies…  and then others can review your review.

Forum reviews

We develop products for people who use them to develop other products.  So naturally,  as an embedded designer,  hobbyist or professional,  you’ll probably have a strong opinion of our tools after you used them for a while.  You’ll like some specific things very much,  and think others will need improvement.

Your constructive criticism is something we would like to take advantage of. We’d use it to inform our own discussions when we brainstorm new products. It’s a back and forth process involving a lot of idea wrestling,  from broad stroke concepts to last minute quarrels over what’s the right color for this LED or what type of buttons and switches should be employed — each one of us just wants to make things right for you, the user.

For you,  it’s a chance to get your ideas out in the open. There’s over 30,000 thousand members on our forums. Get some feedback from the community.  Ultimately you’ll influence our decision process and our products will be better for the benefit of all of us.

Here are some guidelines: up to 800 words is what most people will read.  If you have more, break it down into smaller subsections. Include photographs to illustrate points,  or even better, record a video.

On to you.  Be the first one to break the ice.  Why not?

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