We are happy to present you with our new multimedia board – mikromedia for ATmega.

New mikromedia for ATmega v1.00 released!

Even beginners and 8-bit lovers can now develop multimedia-rich application on ATmega1280 – microcontroller with this cool new board. As you are used to with all of our mikromedia boards, mikromedia for ATmega has rich multimedia peripherals: 320x240px TFT display with Touch Screen, stereo audio codec – VS1053– which is capable of decoding MP3/WMA/AAC/eAAC+/Ogg Vorbis/WAV files from your MMC card. Of course, microSD card slot is also available. 3-axis serial accelerometer, USB-UART connector and 8-bit Serial Flash memory are on the board, too. Design is very convenient. Board features frontal reset button, battery charger circuit for Li-Polymer batteries, crystal oscillator and connection pads for all other available pins. Board is compatible with all mikromedia shields, including gaming shield, battery boost shield, proto and connect shield.

Board comes with fancy color user manuals and examples, which can be of great help when you are starting your development

Board comes preprogrammed with fast USB-UART Bootloader, so you won’t have to spend a dollar more on external programmers. All of you who wish can also program and debug the board using any compatible external programmer with JTAG interface.

Board is supported in the new mikroElektronika AVR compilers, and we have prepared a set of examples written in mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for AVR and new Visual TFT 2.30 software.

We have just created a great new webpage for the mikromedia for ATmega, so we invite you to learn more about this fantastic board.

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