We are excited to present you with the new mikromedia for ARM board.

It’s rich with multimedia peripherals, such as TFT 320×240 with Touch Panel, Accelerometer, Stereo MP3 codec chip, USB connector and microSD card slot. It features mighty LPC2148 ARM7 32-bit microcontroller which can handle the multimedia content quite well. It’s In-System Programming enables you to program the board over USB-UART connection, without external programmers. Board is also equipped with JTAG programming connector, battery charger and connection pads for most of microcontroller pins.

mikromedia for ARM is compatible with Battery Boost Shield and PROTO shield so you can easily expand the board with additional functionalities. Colourful and intuitive user manuals, pinout schematic and ready-to-use examples will help you to get started right away.

We invite you to visit the board’s webpage and get more information about this great new mikromedia.

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