Newly improved mikromedia for dsPIC33 is loaded with new features. We have done some cool and clever interventions like leveling the audio and miniUSB connectors with the board, and adding the frontal reset button. New On-Board Battery charger and Accelerometer will give expand the board’s potential a great deal, so we can’t wait to see what cool applications you are going to build next.

We have put some extra work in redesigning the user manuals, so you will be pleasently surprised how they look.

Board comes preprogrammed with fast UART Bootloader, so you won’t have to spend a dollar more on external programmers. All of you who wish can also program the board using available mikroProg connector.

We have just created a great new webpage for the mikromedia for dsPIC33, so we invite you to learn more about this fantastic board.

New: mikromedia for dsPIC33 board released!
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