We are pleased to present you with the new version 2.00 of our Package manager FREE software.

A lot has been added since the previous release. We added support for PIC32 compilers so it now supports all of our compilers. We introduced new default startup screen, which can help you get started quickly. We added a cool new navigation bar with icons, descriptions and navigation buttons, so you are constantly informed where you are and what you should do next. We have added new icon sets and reduced the size of the toolbar icons on your demand, so program now has much more pleasant appearance. As of this release, Package manager is ready to be used as the official tool with upcoming Libstock website, which is scheduled to be released soon.

Because so much has changed in the new released, we have completely redesigned Package manager webpage, and we invite you to see it for yourself, and download this versatile free software.

New Package Manager 2.00 released!
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