Two months ago, two more guys joined our Software Deparment, working as Library developers. Since then we have already introduced DSP libraries for PIC32, CAN library for AVR, and are now working on revising Ethernet and FAT16 libraries. Today we’ll quickly overview what has been done in the new FAT16 library.

We have introduced useful new functions:
Mmc_Fat_Dir – Returns the content of current directory.
Mmc_Fat_MakeDir – Creates a new directory in current path.
Mmc_Fat_RemoveDir – Renames the directory.
Mmc_Fat_ChangeDir – Changes the current direktory
Mmc_Fat_Exists – Returns whether file exists or not.
Mmc_Fat_Rename – Renames the file.
Mmc_Fat_Tell – Returns the current cursor position within the file.
Mmc_Fat_Seek – Positions the cursor in the file.
Mmc_Fat_Rewrite – Overwrites the file content from the current cursor position.

We are currently working on introducing FAT32 libraries as well, with the same function prototypes. We expect these revised libraries to be finished for the next releases of all mikroElektronika compilers. We can’t make definite promises, but this should be in the late August 2011.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about what you can expect from the revised Ethernet Library. We’ll keep you posted on other activities as well.

Yours sincerely,

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