An update for all FT90x early-adopters. Our software team just uploaded three libraries for FT90x compilers.


We’re drawing your attention to these because they haven’t surfaced up to Libstock’s front page. We added FT90x versions of WiFi, USB device and USB host libraries. These belong to our standard set of libraries, having been downloaded for over 45,000 times in total.

The WiFi library is for use with the MCW1001A IC, a companion chip to the MRF24WB0 module that’s aboard WiFi Plus click, one of our more popular click boards.

The USB Host Library contains a set of functions required to handle USB device peripherals, like keyboards or mice or gamepads. With this library you’ll be able to connect these to EasyFT90x v7. The Libstock page has a video clip that shows off the library’s functionality.

The USB Device library of course works the other way around, enabling you to use, for example, the EasyTFT aboard EasyFT90x as an input device for your computer (as shown in the video).

Just to remind you, the FT90x compilers have a new licensing model, in that there’s a free 45-day trial that otherwise has all the features of the full version. Keep that in mind when considering your options with starting out with the FT90x solution.

Yours sincerely,

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