The microcontroller-projects blog is publishing more and more IoT-related content.

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Teo from microcontroller-projects is a master of piecing together any hardware that he has lying around and turning it into an interesting project. It’s usually a mix of newer clicks and various other platforms.

Here’s a selection of his more recent posts.

First, a low-cost LoRa gateway with a Raspberry Pi, a pi click shield, and LoRa RF click. Initially, Teo tried using a Raspberry Pi 1 model B. The problem is, that model of pi doesn’t have any mounting holes plus there were some collisions between antennas and USB ports. When he switched to a newer Pi, everything worked out.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to write code from scratch. Teo shares several solutions for the firmware, one developed at a french university, the other is part of Pi in the Sky project.

The next interesting project is about building an Eddystone Bluetooth beacon using BLE2 click and USB UART click. Eddystone is a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon profile released by Google last summer. It is more of an in-depth tutorial and it requires you to update the firmware on the bluetooth module.

Once you set up the beacon, though, you will be able to run it on a pair of AA batteries for more than five years.

Finally, a project that’s well suited for the prevailing weather conditions around MikroE’s HQ in the last few days: an Arduino lighting data logger based on Thunder click plus a microSD shield from SparkFun.

It covers calibration, event detection and logging – so the final outcome is more than a rough a proof of concept, it’s a functional prototype.

Keep checking for more content because it comes out regularly. If you are hungry for more, don’t forget the posts on

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