Yesterday we talked about the revision of FAT16 and FAT32 libraries, and today we are excited to share the news about what we are planing to implement in the new revision of the Ethernet libraries in mikroElektronika compilers.

1. We have introduced TCP client functions for all ethernet libraries. This means that your device can now initiate the communication with the server, in the way browsers do on your computer. This feature is anticipated for more than two years now, and we are so excited to finally have the resources to implement it. TCP client implementation enabled us to expand the libraries further.

2. Library can simultaneously handle multiple sockets for both TCP client and TCP server implementation. You can also define maximum number of sockets based on your available RAM memory, or based on the target bandwidth, and you are ready to go.

3. We have written an entire TCP/IP stack with initial handshakings at the beginning of connection, and management of sent and received packages, error handling. You are now free to send as many packages as you want. This package fragmentation allows you to build large websites. Users can define the size of Transmit buffer for each socket and you can fill this buffer with whatever data you want. You can even store part of the resources in RAM, part in Flash and part in external memory (MMC/SD card) and have it all sent as a whole website. It’s trully a very powerful feature!

We have also upgraded UDP functions with several features, but this time we have mainly focused on TCP.

What’s best of all, we are going to simoutaneously release these feature for ENC28J60, ENC24J600, internal ethernet in PIC18F87J60 and PIC32MX7. You’ll have it all covered! We hope you will like the new libraries which will enable you to build fantastic applications. We can’t wait to build the first browser-controlled home automation devices and we already have other interesting projects in mind. But, let’s wait till the final releases.

Stay tuned for some more interesting information this week.

Yours sincerely,

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