We are happy to announce new release 5.65 of dsPIC compilers.

dsPIC30/33 and PIC24 compilers released

Version 5.65 of dsPIC compilers brings us more supported MCUs, several new IDE features and examples.

We added support for two latest PIC24 MCUs (PIC24EP64GP203 and PIC24EP64MC203), with exceptional performance. mikroBootloader tool now supports new enhanced families of dsPIC33E and PIC24E micocontrollers as well.

Hot new EasyPIC v7 for dsPIC30 development board is now natively supported in dsPIC30/33 and PIC24 compilers. New set of examples for each board feature is ready to be used out of the box.

We added several new IDE features as well. Pointed objects can now be inspected in watch window, and indirect members of aggregates can be seen in code assistant.

New version 2.25 of mikroProg Suite for PIC software is also a part of the setup, and it brings us programming and debugging support for new enhanced families.

We invite you to visit mikroC™, mikroBasic™ and mikroPascal™ webpages, download and install your fresh new compiler versions and see what else is new.

Yours sincerely,

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