We had several reports from the community that Oscillator Frequency edit field in the Project Settings window has issues when comma character is set as a decimal point, so we immediately resolved this problem. It was a bit frustrating to get a 15 digit huge number whenever you try to change the oscillator frequency, so we decided to release the new version of PIC and dsPIC compilers right away. This only affected part of the users with specific regional settings.

We invite all of you who had this problem to just download the new compiler version and install it, and the problems will be fixed.

We have also upgraded mikroProg Suite for PIC sofwtware, and supported 12 new microcontrollers from PIC18FXXK22 family. This is a great news for all of you with the new mikroProg programmer/debugger.

We invite you to visit the PIC compilers and dsPIC compilers webpages, and get your fresh new release!

New PIC compilers 5.01 released!
New dsPIC compilers 5.01 released!
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