Old friend of mikroElektronika, professor Dogan Ibrahim has released two new books about EasyPIC6 and mikroC, which we are very excited to present you with:

Microcontrollers For Students – The Theory is the book for students who want to learn how to program PIC microcontrollers using the mikroC language. The book describes the features of this programming language in detail and with examples. The book covers everything you need to know to start creating your first PIC projects.

Microcontrollers For Students – Practicals is oriented to present you with practical applications. It’s for the students who want to learn how to create projects using the PIC microcontrollers. The book is also based on the mikroC compiler, and it contains dozens of projects for the EasyPIC6 development board. Using the book students learn how to develop C programs for the microcontrollers, how to simulate programs using the mikroC simulator, and how to carry out in-circuit debugging using the mikroC and the mikroICD debugger. 19 tested and working projects are given in the book. The following are given for each project: description, block diagram, circuit diagram, PDL, full program listing, description of the program. It is really a great place where you can use your knowledge to create something useful and interesting.

We invite you to check those books out on Amazon, and we strongly encourage you to get them and start learning PIC microcontrollers from someone with great educational skills, and exceptional knowledge of microcontrollers.

New Books by Dogan Ibrahim with examples in  mikroC
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