Dogan Ibrahim is the (Stephen) King of the PIC-related publishing world. Not a year goes by without him putting out another book. The latest, “Microcontroller Radio Telemetry Projects”, is published by Elektor.


Back in February we wrote about Dogan Ibrahim’s versatile weather station. It’s still among the top 10 most read news posts this year.

The post was 1000 words long (about five standard book pages). In chapter six of his new book, Professor Dogan covers the same project, on almost 50 pages.

He broke down the mini weather station into multiple smaller projects: measuring atmospheric pressure, measuring temperature and relative humidity, estimating the altitude and so on. Each is a separate sub-chapter, broken down further into an introductory description, block diagram, circuit diagram and hardware description, followed by snippets of code where necessary.

Needless to mention, all of the code presented was done in mikroC for PIC.

That’s just one out of nine chapters in the book.

Keeping the spirit of his previous work, the first half of the book covers the basics, from explaining the essentials of Radio Telemetry to describing PIC18F MCUs, StartUSB dev. boards and mikroC.

But you can also learn about storing data on the cloud, or creating radio telemetry projects with Raspberry Pi.

If you’re not familiar with Dogan’s work, start from this post

For the new book, visit elektor

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