New AVR 4.80 beta compilers have arrived! We are impatient to show you what we have prepared for you this time.

We have introduced Project Explorer, a great new window for easier access to the examples and your projects. You can find it under View->Project Explorer, and you can dock it wherever you feel comfortable. We suggest placing it as a tab next to Library Manager. It is really fast and very convenient. It uses fast recursion algorithms for fast searching of your project files within folder tree. You’ll get used to it quickly, and you’ll love working with it. At least we do.

We have also upgraded our collection of libraries. We added Memory manager library, so you’ll be able to use dynamic memory allocation in your AVR projects. With your help, we have tracked down and fixed some issues that caused crashing of IDE, so you’ll have a more stable environment to work in. We have increased the speed of reading MCL files even more, so your compiler will load and compile more quickly. Click here to download your favorite AVR compiler, and see what else is new.

AVR 3.80 Beta Compilers are here!
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