Upcoming compiler releases: ARM, AVR and PIC32 banner

Visit our Software Roadmap page to see what’s scheduled for 2017. There are not a lot of details yet but there is enough info to set expectations.

The first compilers to get a new release in 2017 are mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for ARM. The new version will add support for a new vendor. We partnered with Texas Instruments to bring you MSP432P4x MCUs. Learn more about these 32-bit ARM® Cortex® M4F microcontrollers from TI’s website. The release is scheduled for early March.

Second in line are AVR compilers. The focus of the update is to merge Visual TFT with the compiler IDE. New MCUs will be added as well, although the list is not yet available. A mikroProg for AVR update is also a part of this project. Expect these in May 2017.

PIC32 compilers will get the same treatment: Visual TFT merge and new chips. We don’t have the exact list yet, but it will be PIC32MM and PIC32MZxxEF devices. mikroProg for PIC will also be improved. The release date is not yet available.

As you can see, this Software Roadmap update is mainly to lay out the timeline. We will flesh out the details as we go. To keep yourself informed, visit the Roadmap page where we keep a project log.

Also, we reorganized the forums to enable separate discussion topics for each Roadmap. There you can share your ideas and opinions.

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