We are happy to announce the new release of ver 2.00 ARM® compilers

ARM compilers ver 2.00 released!

After two months since the initial release, we present you with the new version of ARM® compilers. We have made so many improvements and you can really feel the compilers strongly pushing forward.

Fancy new Welcome Page is the first thing you will notice. It’s designed to help you get started quickly and find just the right information at the beginning. It will provide you the necessary links to your recently opened projects, links to important websites as well as RSS feed of the News section from mikroElektronika website. Clear design and fancy graphics will make you feel comfortable using this new feature.

Probably the most important thing is that we added support for 101 new Stellaris® microcontrollers. 42 of them belong to Cortex™-M4F family. You have it now both covered: M3 and M4F. We supported new DSP instructions and hardware floating point unit (IEEE 754), all features of Cortex™-M4F devices.

New release brings us new libraries as well. Internal Ethernet and CAN modules are now supported with powerful new libraries.

Since ARM® microcontrollers are used in many time-critical devices, we introduced interrupt context saving control which will allow you to turn on/off context saving on interrupts, allowing you the possibility to develop RTOS-like projects more easily.

We fixed several reported problems and made improvements to certain IDE sections, so you’ll feel more comfortable in your work

We invite you to visit mikroC™, mikroBasic™ and mikroPascal™ webpages, download and install your fresh new compiler versions and see what else is new.

Yours sincerely,

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