Fresh for 2015, the new and improved GSM2 click, one of our more popular click™ boards, carries the updated Quectel module, called M95 FA.

New and improved GSM2 click

With cell phones in every pocket and cell towers at every few miles, GSM remains the most popular click board solution for wireless connectivity.

The new GSM2 click™ with the “FA” version of M95 has a new firmware that supports digital audio, secure SSL data transfer and eCall (the EU emergency service response system for motorists).

Otherwise, the module is fully compatible with its predecessor. To remind you, it’s a Quad-band GSM/GPRS module (supporting GSM850MHz, GSM900MHz, DCS1800MHz or PCS1900MHz frequencies) with 85.6 kbps GPRS data transfer.

Alongside the M95 FA, GSM2 click carries an SMA antenna connector, a SIM card slot, and a audio/microphone jack.

The new GSM2 click works with the same code. A few months back, John B showcased our Libstock example in a short video:

Also, you can still use the new GSM2 click as a replacement for the Arduino GSM shield. If you opt for that option you’ll get the Arduino Uno click shield for a dollar.

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