Nano GPS click carries the world’s smallest GPS module, Nano Hornet from OriginGPS. Measuring 10x10x3.8mm (patch antenna included), it’s about the size of a shirt button, and equally suitable as a wearable.

Nano GPS click

Because of the small module, Nano GPS click is also the smallest of all GPS click boards, packing the module and all additional components on an S sized board. It’s an ideal prototyping platform if you’re designing devices that need to fit a GPS into a small form factor.

Plug it into the mikroBUS™ socket and you’ll discover that the Nano Hornet doesn’t make any trade offs to achieve its size. Its time to first fix is less than one second, with an accuracy of approximately one meter, and tracking sensitivity down to -163dBm.

The main communication with the target board is done through the UART interface. Additional pins provide Reset, Wake Up (monitors power state), and On and Off functionality.

So all in all, it’s a GPS with great performance — with the added benefit of being sized down. More details are available on the product page. The libstock example is also ready.


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