You could call this one anti-ninja click as well—a click board that detects human motion.

MOTION click

However stealthy or sneaky you might be, whatever camouflage you might be wearing, you—as every other living person—radiate infrared.

Once you step in the detecting range of MOTION click, the onboard PIR500B pyroelectric infrared sensor picks up the thermal energy you emit, the BISS0001 motion sensor controller processes the signal, and sends an interrupt to a target MCU—and you’re caught!

You can adjust the detecting range of MOTION click by turning the onboard potentiometer. You can also turn it ON and OFF by sending signals from the MCU through the mikroBUS™ RST pin.

Also, there’s a photo resistor aboard MOTION click that enables you to set up the sensor to work only when it’s dark. There’s a jumper (zero-ohm resistor) below the photo resistor on the left side of the board—solder it just above where it’s placed by default to activate the night-only mode.

Motion detectors like these are mostly associated with burglar alarms… but you can also use it to make lights switch ON as soon as you enter the room… or maybe for keeping yourself from visiting the fridge for night-time snacks by having a system that posts embarrassing tweets if you walk into your kitchen at the wrong time…

Whatever you end up using it for, we recommend you start from the Libstock example. Specs and details on the product page.

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