MINI-M4 for MSP432 news

A miniature but powerful development tool – MINI-M4 for MSP432 development board.

MINI-M4 for MSP432

MINI-M4 for MSP432 is a small ARM Cortex™-M4 development board containing MSP432P401RIRGC microcontroller. This compact development board is designed to work as a standalone device or as an MCU card in DIP40 socket.

For more information about the MINI-M4 for MSP432 development board, see the product page.

MSP432 Toolchain

For everything MSP432 in one place, we have the MSP432 toolchain. Consisting of MSP432 clicker, clicker 2 for MSP432, mikroProg™ for MSP432, ARM compilers, and now the MINI-M4 for MSP432.

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