In a world where tech goods go from cutting edge to obsolete in a blip, EasyPIC dev. kits stand out as future-proof. You can thank our dedicated software department, because they’ve just released an update for the free mikroProg Suite for PIC®, adding support for more than a hundred new PIC® chips. Minor bug fixes and Windows 8 drivers have also been implemented along the way.


The mikroProg™ Suite for PIC® is our free software for programming Microchip PIC® devices using MikroElektronika’s proprietary on-board and standalone programmers. With this latest release, it now supports a total of 786 different PIC® MCUs. So whatever your PIC® chip of choice is, we’ve most certainly got you covered. Specifically, support for the following new PIC® families has been added:


To put it in context, EasyPIC Fusion v7 can now support 84 MCUs compared to 65 with the previous mikroProg Suite version. EasyPIC PRO v7 goes from 99 to 146 supported chips, and EasyPIC v7 gets from 250 to 350 supported microcontrollers in DIP packaging.

That’s 166 new PIC® devices, all of them with their own unique features and capabilities. If you have your own EasyPIC, you can start exploring them right now. If not, it’s probably time to consider getting one 🙂

Yours sincerely,

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