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We revisited our graph generating app to make ECG click even more interesting.

In our initial demo of ECG click we showed how mikroPlot generates an electrocardiogram from a 15 second sample. After some consideration we decided to enhance the app to make it able to render the graph in real time. This is not just a cosmetic enhancement. It’s useful because it will make it a lot easier to see how environmental factors influence your heart’s activity moment by moment. After you get the complete graph, you can use it just the way you could with the previous version.

Too bad we weren’t able to make in time for Halloween. But you can still hookup the ECG click bundle and start playing some scary videos to see what happens.

Before downloading the new version of mikroPlot, revisit the tutorial article on ECG click. You’ll need to perform some minor setups in the Windows device manager.

MikroPlot is not just for ECG. It can be used to plot any sensor readings through time. For example, we also updated the Heart rate click example to work with MikroPlot.

Here’s a short demo on how the new app works:

To download the latest version of mikroPlot, go to Libstock.

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