We are proud to present you the board that will change the way you develop multimedia applications. Say hello to mikromedia workStation v7.

mikromedia workStation v7 released!

We developed workStation v7 board as a way to help mikromedia developers with a powerful platform where they can program, debug and test their firmware and connect the mikromedia with the rest of the world. We think that this new board will radically improve your development experience. Here’s why:

With on-board debugger and programmer it’s a different story. Just snap your mikromedia board in the female socket and you can start having fun and do some serious tasks. WorkStation supports mikromedia board for PIC18FJ, dsPIC33, dsPIC33EP, PIC24, PIC24EP and PIC32.

Four mikroBUS sockets are an exceptional feature. Since number of Click boards climbs rapidly, you can add dozens of different functionalities. Your mikromedia with workStation v7 can become a control center, PLC controller, measurement station and more.

Another great thing we did is abstracting pin names. We organized them into five groups and gave them custom names. It’s now almost completely irrelevant if you are developing your application on PIC32 PIC18, because pin names and some pin functions are the same in both cases. We went a step futher and provided Board Support Package – a collection of libraries and sbit variables that will help you in development.

In order to help you even further we added large breadboard at the bottom and provided a 52-pin female socket so you can use wire jumpers to connect each mikromedia pin with the breadboard. This is a major advantage if you want to add custom electronics.

Board is perfect for education. You can put any mikromedia you need, add Click boards and assemble additional electronics on breadboard. This will allow you carry out dozens of different experiments and educational examples. We made sure to provided special Starter, Developer and Educational kits at fantastic prices so you can make up your mind easily and start your development on a powerful new workStation board.

Make sure to visit board webpage for lots of useful information, videos and photo galleries.

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