Jamie Martens from Germany sent us a pdf prospect about QuadCorder 4, a rugged industrial-grade logging device shaped like a standard cable drum, developed by his company, MSNT. Sitting snuggly right in the middle of it is a mikromedia for PIC18FJ board.


Quad Corder 4 incorporates four industrial standard 4-20mA sensor interfaces. You can see the mikromedia that displays the measurement results, but the design also implements a mikroBUS™ socket on a custom PCB, and all software, including sampling and software filters was written in mikroC for PIC too.

The main reason why they’ve opted for our tools for development was because of lower development risks. According to Jamie:

At project start the demo was equipped with blue-tooth. This was made with click sockets on our PCB and a MikroE blue-tooth click. After evaluating, we discovered that blue-tooth is too complicated for the desired application. So we used the sockets for other functions, simply by changing clicks. This was made without hardware redesign costs.

They’ve ended up using a lot of the functionalities of the mikromedia (SD-card, USB, SPI, I2C, RTC).

In conclusion, Jamie adds:

We have rolled out 10 pieces to a civil engineering company for a waste water pipe construction, and the feedback has been very positive. It was a pleasure to work with your products. Everything we use was developer orientated and made for immediate and simple usage. Even the documentation.

Thanks for the letter Jamie!

Yours sincerely,

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