Pixel beauty is only screen deep but in case of a board like mikromedia, one can appreciate core values too.

mikromedia for stm32f7

That’s particularly true for our new mikromedia plus for STM32F7. The chip its named after is the fastest microcontroller we offer: an ARM®-Cortex® M7 STM32F746ZG MCU that runs at up to 216 MHz and 462 DMIPS.

That’s twice as fast as its predecessor, the original mikromedia plus for STM32 which carried an M4 MCU. Here are some benchmarking results (the y-axis is milliseconds for common test algorithms, so smaller number equals better performance):

ARM Cortex M7 benchmarking
ARM Cortex M7 benchmarking

To make it easier for people to upgrade, this mikromedia plus has the exact same form factor as our previous mikromedia plus boards. You have the same set of onboard components. From the Solomon SSD1963 graphic controller, stereo audio codec, RTC battery, Ethernet PHY, Power Terminals, external battery connector, microSD slot and more.

Of course it’s fully compatible with mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for ARM which support M7 chips as of end of last year.

Check out the specs on the product page and go break some speed limits.

Yours sincerely,

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