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mikromedia plus for PIC32MX7 released!

It’s called mikromedia PLUS for PIC32MX7 – a new addition to our successful mikromedia product range of development boards. It is a smart 4.3″ touchscreen display driven by SSD1963 graphics controller from Solomon and it’s loaded with modules for multimedia development. Today we’re launching a version with PIC32MX795F512L – powerful PIC32 microcontroller from Microchip.


The number of modules integrated on a single PCB is remarkable. Nordic nRF24L01P 2.4GHz tranceiver brings RF connectivity to the board and is truly an awesome feature. VS1053 Stereo Audio Codec with quadrupole audio jack allows MP3 audio reproduction. 8Mbit Serial Flash and microSD card slot are available for storing external resources. ADXL345 Serial Accelerometer helps detecting the screen orientation. Li-Polymer Battery Charger and a battery connector allow the board to have an autonomous battery power supply. Discretely integrated On/Off switch is a very handy addition. Piezo buzzer provides sound signalization feature, while Port Exapnder is there to provide 16 more GPIO lines.

Front side is dominated by a large 4.3″ touchscreen in 480x272px resolution. Close to the screen board features RGB LED, Infrared Receiver Diode, Light Sensor, Reset Button and a Temperature Sensor. All four display corners feature screw holes for easier integration. Two longer sides of the board contain 1×26 connection pads for interfacing with external electronics or with a piggyback board called the mikromedia PLUS Shield. The Shield is a great addition, bringing 4 mikroBUS host sockets for expanding the board’s basic functionality with among 50 click add-on boards. The Shield also has a CAN physical interface with screw terminals, USB-UART module as well as Ethernet connector.

mikromedia PLUS looks impressive. It’s 6-layer PCB rich with silkscreen markings guarantee excellent signal integrity at high speeds. Board is supported in mikroElektronika PIC32 compilers and Visual TFT software for rapid creation of TFT GUIs. Retail price is $199.00.

We prepared a set of kits at great prices as well.

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