mikromedia HMI boards are now shipping.

5mm pitch 32x32 RGB LED panel

mikromedia HMI is a spin-off from the original mikromedia, a multimedia development board. After talking to key customers who relied on us as OEMs, we made a more cost-effective HMI solution that keeps only the essential components that made the original mikromedia attractive to manufacturers. At the same time we added a more robust display and mounting options more suitable for industrial applications.

Each one is powered by a FT900 32-bit RISC MCU (operating at 100 MHz, 3.1 DMIPS/MHz, 256 KB Flash. On the front, you can choose between capacitive, resistive, or bright displays with no touchscreen layer.

You will also need a mikromedia HMI breakout board to develop a prototype. Developing a program will be more convenient than ever now that we merged Visual TFT (the GUI design tool) with the FT90x compiler.

After being in pre-order these boards (all except three) are shipping regularly. Order yours today.

Sincerely Yours,

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