mikromedia Gaming Shield, released last week is a thing all of us Arcade Gamers are excited to get our hands on, and start porting our favorite arcades to mikromedia boards. Andrew Hazelden, a member of mikroElektronika community was playing in Maya and created a 3D model of a design concept of mikromedia Gaming Shield Enclosure.

mikroMedia Gaming Shield enclosure community design concept from Andrew Hazelden

Great job! It looks pretty comfortable. Nice curves, transparent plastic body, and buttons should provide a good grip for playing Super Mario for many hours (or even more, if you ask me 🙂 ). It’s a nice concept, and we are considering building a prototype using 3D printer, just for the sake of fun. It would be nice if we had several design concepts for enclosure of gaming shields, or other shields as well, so we could build the best one that community chooses. So, if anyone is willing, we invite you to share your design concepts, and we’ll all take a vote, and build a prototype. Why not have a little fun?

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