We’ve been rotating weekend offers for quite a while now, but we didn’t touch upon 16-bit PICs yet. So this week, we’re offering a mikromedia for PIC24EP for just $79.


16-bit MCUs strike a sweet spot: they are an easy upgrade from 8-bits yet they’re more economical than 32-bits.

mikromedia for PIC24EP carries a PIC24EP512GU810 that has up to 70 MIPS of power, 512KB of program memory with 24KB of auxiliary flash.

The onboard features that make mikromedia boards one of our most popular products include an accelerometer, microSD card slot, a Li-polymer battery connector, stereo mp3 codec with an audio connector, Serial Flash to store additional data and more.

Of course the most prominent feature is the 320x240px TFT touchscreen.

You can inspect the board and its modules on this page. If you want to get familiar with all of its features and potentials, and learn a lot along the way, consider getting it bundled with Lucio di Jasio’s book “Graphic, touch, sound and USB”. You’ll save even more that way.

mikromedia for PIC24EP goes for $79 until Wendesday, 1 October at 5:00 PM CET.

And if this multimedia platform with a PIC24EP device is just what you need to build in into your final product, keep in mind that you have additional discounts on quantity: $75.05 if you buy between 5 and 19 of these, and $71.10 if you buy over 20.

Yours sincerely,

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