The newest member of the Zoo that we keep on the mikromedia landing page is an Ostrich. The architecture it stands for is FT90x — we like to think of it as of a recently hatched bird, but one of the fastest breeds in existence nevertheless. But it’s not just the performance of the hardware that sets this board apart, it’s the compatible compiler.

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mikromedia plus for FT90x is the final piece in our most recent toolchain. FT90x is a powerful architecture with FTDI Chip’s proprietery 32-bit core.

What makes this mikromedia stand out from all the rest — apart from the yellow PCB — is that it’s a perfect hardware counterpart to mikroC for FT90x. This is the only IDE in this price-range that incorporates a GUI design tool together with the compiler. Together they form a completely compatible HW/SW kit for developing GUI applications.

When it comes to hardware, this is a standard form factor mikromedia plus. The front side is occuppied by a 4.3″ touchscreen 480x272px TFT; the back is packed with multimedia modules such as a 2.4 GHz Nordic nRF240L01+, a microSD card slot, an accelerometer, MP3 codec and more. Also, instead of a buzzer, now we have a miniature audio speaker.

The main MCU, FT900, has some features that make it especially suitable for a TFT touchscreen multimedia development board. It has a parallel camera interface and an I2S interface.

Plus the display driver, FT810, is from the same vendor, FTDI Chip.

The FT900 chip clocks at 100 MHz with 3.1 DMIPS/MHz thanks to execution from shadow RAM. Enough horse (or ostrich) power for interesting embedded human machine interface applications.

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