To paraphrase a Daft Punk song, this mikromedia is “Better, Bigger, Faster” than any other. It combines the maximum screen size and processing power that we offer. Introducing mikromedia for STM32F7.

mikromedia 7 for STM32F7

We already presented the chip from the mikromedia plus for STM32F7. It’s fastest microcontroller we offer: an ARM®-Cortex® M7 STM32F746ZG MCU that runs at up to 216 MHz and 462 DMIPS.

Let us repeat the benchmark tests we did back then.

M4 vs M7
M4 vs M7

The screen has almost five times the surface of a regular small mikromedia. Seven inch TFT touchscreen with a 800×480 px resolution.

The modules you’re used to seeing on mikromedia boards are all there — accelerometer, microSD card slot for external storage, a MP3 Stereo Codec chip, ethernet connector.

mikromedia 7 for STM32F7 also has a mikroProg onboard, meaning you’ll only require a USB cable to program and debug the board. A WiFi module with its own STM32 and an ceramic antenna means instant connectivity.

Another standout feature, a CAN interface, was not available on mikromedia boards until now. Check out the video to see how we paired two mikromedia 7 boards with it.

More details are available on the product page.

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