Discover new ways to utilize the already feature-rich mikromedia 5 for Tiva with this newly released expansion Shield.


Yes, mikromedia 5 for Tiva already packs a large selection of modules like an accelerometer, IR receiver, temp. sensor and many more, but with this Shield, you can further exploit the potential of the powerful ARM Cortex™-M4F MCU and the 800×480 touch screen.

The shield holds 4 mikroBUS host sockets that enable you to connect and combine any of over 70 available click boards, while still keeping the design compact.

Discover and create new multimedia devices with proximity, pressure or color sensors… RFid, relays, joysticksDC or stepper motor drivers… It’s an ever expanding range of click boards. Who knows how many potential applications they have when combined just with each other. Now add the mikromedia 5 for Tiva’s onboard MCU and touch screen to the equation, and let the brainstorming begin.

Yours sincerely,

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