The most complete Tiva C series development board to date is here. Meet mikromedia 5 for Tiva™.

We’ve never done something like this before. Driving a 800x480px TFT touch screen just by a microcontroller seemed like an impossible task. But we needed to at least try. One thing lead to another, and we ended up creating the most complete multimedia development board up to date. We called it mikromedia 5 for Tiva™ – the number five is there to depict screen size in inches. We have a lot to thank to the mighty Tiva™ C Series ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller called TM4C129xNCZAD. It has 120 MHz operation, 1 MB of Flash, 256 KB of SRAM, µDMA controller, on-chip LCD controller and a lot more. Integrated LCD controller cuts down costs, saves space and leaves more room on the board for other modules.

The number of modules integrated on a single PCB is remarkable. One of the key things is the insanely popular CC3000 WiFi module embedded on the board. It will instantly get your creative juices flowing. Nordic nRF24L01P 2.4GHz transceiver brings RF connectivity to the board for low-power wireless communication. Ethernet connector with LAN filter is here as well. 8MB SDRAM is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. Use it to store images and resources for the large TFT touchscreen, and you’ll experience five times performance boost. VS1053 Stereo Audio Codec with quadrupole audio jack allows MP3 audio reproduction. microSD card slot is available for storing external resources. ADXL345 Serial Accelerometer helps detecting the screen orientation. Li-Polymer Battery Charger and a battery connector allow the board to have an autonomous battery power supply. Discretely integrated On/Off switch is a very handy addition. Piezo buzzer provides sound signalization feature, while RTC battery is there to help retain date/time settings. And probably one of the most handy things we did is putting the mikroProg for TIVA ICDI debugger on board. How cool is that?

Front side is dominated by a large 5″ touchscreen in 800x480px resolution. Close to the screen board features RGB LED, Infrared Receiver Diode, Light Sensor, Reset Button and a Temperature Sensor. All four display corners feature screw holes for easier integration. Two longer sides of the board contain 1×26 connection pads for interfacing with external electronics or with a piggyback board called the mikromedia 5 Shield, which is to be released shortly after.

mikromedia 5 for Tiva™ looks impressive. It’s 6-layer PCB rich with silkscreen markings guarantee excellent signal integrity at high speeds. Board is supported in mikroElektronika ARM compilers and Visual TFT software for rapid creation of TFT GUIs. Retail price is $249.00.

Board package is trully remarkable. It’s custom made, especially for this product, and filled with free accessories. You get 2GB microSD card, four metal distancers, plastic pen for touch panel, Ethernet roll cable, USB roll cable and a two 1×26 headers. User manual and board schematic are there as well. Board comes preloaded with a cool example for a nice out-of-the-box experience.

We prepared a set of kits at great prices as well. Make sure to visit the board’s webpage for more information.

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