MikroElektronika In-Circuit debuggers (mikroICD) are powerful tools for real-time debugging of microcontrollers at hardware levels. It allows the designer to run, halt, and single-step the program while the microcontroller is embedded in the application circuit. MikroElektronika provides quality In-Circuit Debuggers for Microchip’s PIC, dsPIC and PIC32 controllers. Embedded Lab recently posted this article that describes how to use mikroElektronika’s PICFlash2 with mikroICD for in-circuit debugging of PIC microcontrollers. The PICFlash2 with microICD is both PIC programmer and real-time debugger, and is supported by all of our PIC compilers. It’s on board version is integral part of our badge product – EasyPIC6 development board.

We invite all of you who want to know more about debugging, to visit the blog webpage.

mikroICD tutorial using PICFlash2 programmer/debugger
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