Today is a special day for us as our CEO Nebojsa Matic was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the year 2012.

MikroElektronika's CEO pronounced entrepreneur of the year 2012 in Serbia

Popular local newspaper Blic, organizes Entrepreneur of the year award. Each year one company is selected according to strict high criteria: profitability, productivity, accounting liquidity, export potential, number of new employees, technological innovations, care for the environment, contribution to local community.

Among tough competition of 300 successful companies and leaders, jury elected MikroElektronika’s CEO Nebojsa Matic as the winner. At the award ceremony, Nebojsa was given the award statue and a 20.000EUR check. Media across the country covered the event. News began to spread quickly, phones in our offices were ringing for the next several hours (and still do).

It is a great day for us and our community to be recognized in what we are doing. It is a celebration of electronic engineers worldwide. Maybe some other company who would benefit greatly of the local media attention and 20.000EUR prize should have won the award, but we can’t say that we don’t like the popularity as well. We thank the organizers for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, young profitable and successful businesses and a positive energy of local business leaders and their companies.

MikroElektronika's CEO pronounced entrepreneur of the year 2012 in Serbia

Nebojsa called us the minute he found out and congratulated the whole company. Late afternoon, after the award ceremony we welcomed him with a group hug. We were very excited to see a big fat one meter long check. Today we’re throwing a huge party and every employee is invited. Don’t mind if we are late for work tomorrow morning 🙂

Yours sincerely,

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