With the arrival of Frouin, Pierre and Grégoire from France, our Interns’ lab is now open for students from anywhere.

Interns’ Lab

Students from all around the world are facing a familiar catch-22 at the onset of their careers: employers are asking for previous experience when looking for a hire. To get the relevant experience someone needs to hire you first. But they ask for experience before they do. And so on goes the infinite loop.

Our interns’ lab offers a break from the loop. It’s not a typical internship program where companies use intern’s as free labor. Our own lab is conceived as a place for gaining relevant technical experience first and foremost. Interns pick a project and drive it to completion, while our senior engineers mentor them. In the end, they get both hands-on experience, as well as a bullet point in their CV. The value of a reference from an established company is not to be overlooked.

In France, having a three-month internship in a foreign country is mandatory. According to Frouin, Pierre and Grégoire who come from the ESEO INSTITUTE OF SC. & TECHNOLOGY in Angers, a city west of Paris, it facilites learning to thrive in an international environment.

For us, the Interns’ lab a reliable source of talent. We hired almost a dozen new engineers since we started accepting interns two years ago. So it works for both parties.

If you are interested in an internship at MikroE, read the details on the dedicated page. We tried to answer all relevant questions. If you have more, feel free to include them in the application form. For some upfront advice, read what a beginners needs to know at once, excerpts from a brilliant guidebook for young engineers published in the fourties.

In recent years our workplace gradually transitioned into an international environment. We have colleagues from USA, Italy, neighbouring Slovenia. Passports don’t matter to us, only talent. We look forward to diversity.

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