Nebojsa Matic, CEO of MikroElektronika received The Belgrade Victor Award, as we are highlighted as one of the best companies in Belgrade.

MikroElektronika Receives Belgrade Victor Award as the Best Company In Belgrade

Last night we gathered in company’s canteen to watch the live coverage of The Belgrade Victor Awards, which took place in Belgrade City Hall. It was a 30th anniversary of this prestigious event, hosted by the Mayor of Belgrade, director of Belgrade’s Chamber Of Commerce and Minister of Energetics and Transportation. Our company was selected among the most successful companies residing in the biggest city in this part of Europe. We were humbled, honored and proud, as all selectees were very successful and deserved the award.

The Award itself looks like an Oscar (you can see it in Neb’s hand on the photo), but actually represents one of Belgrade’s iconic landmarks – The Victor, which is Serbian version of The Statue Of Liberty.

MikroElektronika Receives Belgrade Victor Award as the Best Company In Belgrade

MikroElektronika was founded as a one-man band in the Neb’s father garage. In those early days the tools which our CEO used to assemble first boards were the soldering iron and his famous nail-clipper which he used to remove insulation from wires and cut the excess pins after soldering. He was a nail-clipper ninja! Today we have two brand new SMD production lines working around the clock to produce more than 400 of our top-quality development tools.

Now when we think about it, we need to organize our internal prestigious annual award – The Golden Nail Clipper – for best professional achievements in MikroElektronika.

Yours sincerely,

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