Last Wednesday was a rather glamorous day. We became a film set.

The day began with coffee and large white trucks full of film-making equipment rolling in. We could see the crew unloading boxes and bags, moving around our back lawn, looking busy. Everyone in the company was excited, and faces could be seen popping up behind the windows overlooking the trucks. Different theories about the plot of the film were on everyone’s lips.

Futuristic set

Our production facility was the actual set of the film. The working title of the film is “Extinction”, by the “Work in Progress” production company. The plot takes place in the not so far away future, where robots are a part of everyday life. So, it’s good to know that our state of the art machinery fits in a futuristic film.

Film release

Since “Extinction” is scheduled for summer next year, we cannot share any images yet. But you can be sure that they are amazing. You’ll get the see the “behind the scenes” photos after the film release.

You can see the official page of the Work in Progress production company here. Perhaps you have already heard of them, as they did “Coriolanus” featuring Ralph Fiennes “November Man” featuring Pierce Brosnan.

Yours sincerely,

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