The party gets bigger each year.


Our birthday festivities started with a semi-formal presentation where Neb, the CEO, recapped the previous twelve months. The party gets bigger every year, so the front row of chairs keeps creeping closer to the speaker each birthday.

About eighty employees were listening to the talk, of which thirty came onboard in 2015. Of those, 10 sprouted from our intern’s lab.

So, new faces and new departments were definitely among the highlights, but those who are with us for a longer time – 5 and 10 years — were honored appropriately.


The year was marked by growth in every aspect, perhaps the most visible to our customers is the sheer number of click boards™ released – about 80. Some overdue compiler updates were also published in 2015.

We also reminisced about our rafting excursion, table tennis championchip, as well as the unusually large number of exhibitions we participated at this year.


None of it would have been possible, of course, without your continuing support. This is a short note to let you know that we appreciated your business in 2015.

Yours sincerely,

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