This weekend the MikroElektronika team went Indiana Jones with a rafting excursion to the Tara River Gorge.


Instead of trying not to drown in emails, we decided to spend a day trying to stay afloat on white waters — turns out we’re successful in both. The experience served to solidify our team spirit. About 20 of us went, upper floor engineers, sales, finance, production floor staff, top management, everybody with oars in hand.

The afternoon was spent talking new ideas — our brain powers increased by the oxygen rich environment — so somewhere down the stream our whole community will benefit from our team building trip.

The Tara River Gorge is the deepest canyon in Europe and a tentative UNESCO World Heritage site. It happens to be a few hours away from our HQ, but it’s a natural beauty worth visiting from any part of the world.

Yours sincerely,

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