Exciting times at MikroElektronika. We started a laboratory for interns. This is new for us as is for interns Marko and Nikola. We’re learning as we go. However, we’re taking their time very seriously.


MikroElektronika was a magazine before it became an embedded electronics company. The passion for sharing knowledge and teaching is in our roots.

For a long time we wanted to make room for interns. To give students an opportunity to jump-start their careers and to expose them to a real-world company environment.

However, since our business attracts interns from demanding academic fields, the opportunity costs for them to invest time working with us is high. So we postponed taking in interns until we moved into our new building.

The student internship lab was always conceived as a dynamic, collaborative work-space were interns could learn from each other as well as from our mentors. With our new HQ, we’re finally able to do it.

Some of our best people are assigned to work with our interns: the chief mentor of the interns’ lab is our chief of software Ivan. Pictured here is Petar, one of our most experienced guys from the support department, who is also spending time with them every day.

We’re doing our best to give them a precious, irreplaceable experience. However this is new for us so we’re learning as we go along. This is just the start, we’re expanding our lab and we will report on future updates.

Yours sincerely,

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