We are very proud to announce that mikroElektronika now has an official article on Wikipedia. This is somewhat expected, but we have worked hard throughout the years in order to be notable enough to deserve this.

We invite you – mikroElektronika community – to consider contributing to Wikipedia by writing articles on mikroElektronika. You can add reliable information to existing article, or you can create new articles about our compilers or development boards. It should be very fun and exciting to do an independent research and find credible sources as your references.

mikroElektronika on Wikipedia

A quick course on writting articles for Wikipedia

Writing for wikipedia is a very noble activity, but one should always be careful what he writes about and how he presents the facts. One of five pillars of Wikipedia is Neutral Point Of view, which challenges the writer to be objective and that no relationship with the matter he writes about should affect the facts, or the tone of the article.

Companies are especially hard to present on Wikipedia, because there are several strict criteria that you have to comply with:
1. You have to be a notable company
2. You must have independent sources
3. Your information must be verifiable
4. There must not be any conflict of interest

If any of the mention criteria is not met your article will be a subject to speedy deletion.

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