Today we worked for 16 hours straight. We had little time to shoot videos, so what you are about to see is only 1/3 of things that happened. We were adapting the booth with the assistance of Casey from FedEx, who printed the banners and contractables. We were shopping for SIM cards, USB hubs, speakers and iPod for the demonstration of some examples, and Mr. Neb, our General Manager joined us at 7PM. What happened after? We were visited by a dozen attendees who enjoyed their afternoon beer, and we were visited by some important people from Microchip, including Mr. Mark Spraul, head of the Arduino Project for PIC32, Mr. Steve Caldwell, director of RF division, and Lucio Di Jasio, an old friend of ours, who is also working with Microchip. Tomorrow is a big day, Masters officially begins, so we gotta hit the sheets in order to get a good rest. See you tomorrow with latest video blog.

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