Today we want to remind ourselves of how important the community is to us as a company and to show you some interesting numbers that we should all be proud of.

mikroElektronika in Numbers

On October 7th 2011, we have released the new version of our most popular product – EasyPIC v7. A little bit over a year later, it became the number one PIC development tool to thousands of engineers, students, professionals and hobbyists. It is rated with five stars in reviews of several magazines, including Elektor and Sillicon Chip. There are several community reviews as well, like this one from Garage Tech. In majority of countries it’s the number one product on Google organic search results. Try it our for yourself. Just type “PIC Development Board” and hit the enter key.

Today is a special day for us because our Forum has reached over 24.000 members, becoming one of the best knowledge pools for embedded developers in the world. Last night our Facebook Page has peeked to over 7.000 likes, which is more than double comparing to June 2012.

This week our top exclusive Libstock libraries broke new records as well. Network Ethernet Library has reached over 8.000 downloads, and FAT32 library had been downloaded more than 5.000 times.

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. mikroElektronika with you as the community has become one of the most innovative ecosystems, providing solutions for all major architectures and vendors, offering compilers, programmers, development boards, debuggers, add-on boards, additional software and a large collection of example projects and libraries. We’re all in this together. You are constantly challenging us and pushing us to be better and better, and we listen to you closely every time. Of course, there’s a spark of creativity which is wild, untamed and disobedient which drives us to make most innovative original products. Our passion for design and quality is something which all major companies respect and admire. And this is what makes mikroElektronika so distinctive. You can spot our products among million others.

Thank you for being with us. If you are a newbie, hop in and join us. Next 12 months will be a wild ride 🙂

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