Yesterday was the first time we opened up our HQ to the public. We offered Freescale, free food & beer, and an excellent opportunity to freely mingle and network with a dozen, mostly local, software & hardware entrepreneurs and start-up founders.

The highlight of “Up to the Clouds”, the single-day IoT seminar we organized together with EBV Elektronik, were the talks and presentation by representatives of Freescale: Emanuel Serif, Freescale’s Sales Manager for SE Europe, Stefan Imrich and Witold Evert, Field Application Engineers, as well as Zeljko Stefanovic, OEM Systems Engineer.

Attendees had the chance to hear and learn how a big chip corporation sees and understands the Internet of Things. From a broad overview of challenges, trends, key facts and figures, to Freescale’s specific solutions and offerings.

EBV Elektronik’s General Sales Manager for SE Europe Aleksandar Matanovic and Field Application Engineer Dusan Benko also held presentations, as well as our own chief of Marketing Aleksandar.

Up to the Clouds, Aleksandar Matanovic
Up to the Clouds, Aleksandar Nikolic

We’ve covered the event live on Twitter (or if you prefer, you can read about it in more detail in our press release):

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